Metal Industry
Forging Sector

  • WALTER BANNING (Germany) - Forging hammers and ring rolling machines
  • SMS EUMUCO (Germany) - Mechanical and hydraulic forging presses
  • EDELHOFF (Germany) - mechanical forging and trimming presses
  • BUDERUS EDELSTAHLWERKE (Germany) Forging die steels, hot and warm rolled steel bands & die molding die steels
  • JERKEL (Germany) - Die lubricant spraying units
  • FUCHS LUBRITECH (Germany) - Forging and casting die lubricants

Machine Tools & Related Products

  • AMADA (Japan) - Band saws and band saw machines
  • BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK (Germany) - Grinding machines
  • KAPP (Germany) - Profile grinding machines
  • NILES (Germany) - Profile Grinding machines over 500 mm dia.
  • ARTHUR KLINK (Germany) - Broaching machines and tools
  • VARINELLI (Italy) - Broaching machines and tools
  • JEM Industries (Spain) - Cutting tools and machinery for the metallurgical industry
  • PREAWEMA (Germany) - Special gear cutting machines
  • DISKUS (Germany) - Surface finishing machines
  • UTITA (Italy) - Turning lathes.
  • MACHINTEST TOVAGLIERI (Italy) - Facing and centering machines
  • BURGDORF (Germany) - Heat treatment oils and additives
  • NUESSLE (Germany) - Carburization protective paste
  • ACEDES (UK) - Gear cutting tools
  • FRANKE Filter systems (Germany) - Special filters for oil mist

Electronic Industry

Computer Systems Parts
  • NMB (Japan) - Miniature bearings, Keyboards, stepping motors, fans, speakers etc.


  • MIRA A.S. (Turkey)

Sattelite Receiver Components and Parts

  • MORS Ltd. (Turkey)

Digital electric meters

  • ASENA Ltd. (Turkey)

Identification Systems

  • ORDICAM DSC (France

Other Sectors
Cryogenic Vessels and Equipments

  • ARITAS Inc. (Turkey)


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